The Story of Our Lives -

A Reflective Conversational Group

What happens when we are allowed to tell and share our lives with others? What happens with us when we have the opportunity to listen to other people's stories?

Studies and experiences show that it is important for our physical and psychological wellbeing to be able to tell the story of our lives, both difficult and painful memories as well as what has been enjoyable and enriching. Life becomes more meaningful when we share our lives with others. It generally improves physical and mental health, our quality of life and overall wellbeing.

The content of the course covers childhood, school years, teenage years and adulthood. We look back upon the past, reflect on the present, and look ahead towards what you might want to change and develop. This is not a therapy group. It is a group where you get the opportunity to recall, share experiences, thoughts and feelings about your life and if you like, your experience with being a foreigner. It is a place where you are invited to reflect, listen and talk about your life with others in a structured way. Based on your current situation, you will also have the chance to reflect on the future. How can you find ways to live as good a life as possible, see possibilities and perhaps formulate new goals. The content and structure of the course is inspired by Livsberättarmetoden. The group consists of 6 to 8 people, meeting on 8 occasions. The time is distributed so that everyone has the opportunity to share their personal thoughts and reflections. Before the group starts, everyone is asked to agree on some conditions, so that the group runs as smoothly and safely as possible. For more information and booking please send a mail to: I will then book a phone meeting, which is included as part of the registration, to ensure that your expectations correspond with the course content, purpose and approach.

More information about the course:
The group will meet once a week for 2,5 hours during 8 weeks, on Södermalm in Stockholm. The group will start when there are at least 4-6 registrations. Upon registration, I ask you to pay a registration fee of 800 SEK. The remaining amount of 2,400 SEK must be paid by the start of the course. The price includes VAT for private individuals, and excludes VAT for companies.


Agnes Dahlberg    

Course leader, Psychosynthesis Therapist and Coach

Cedeco – Therapy and Coaching / 070 757 2533